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Designing your Space with Luxurious Fabrics

Good Choice in Fabric Breathes Life into Your Space
A design job is a major undertaking that requires attention to a wide variety of details to ensure an aesthetically pleasing experience. As one examines the building blocks of the process, they are met with the need for quality drapery and upholstery fabrics. These serve both to add comfort to the space and create a positive first impression for your guests.
Basic questions to ask yourself as you plan include;

  • Where am I starting in the decoration of this space?
  • What types of materials should I use for upholstery fabrics or drapery fabrics?
  • What color scheme will work in this space without making it overbearing?

We recommend that you start with a base of neutral colors for the room. This will give it balance and provide you with a wide array of choices should you wish to alter the style of the room later. Neutral colors will allow you to use accessories and different furnishings to really accentuate the room and make it come alive. You hem yourself into a particular style by opting for a bold base color. It can work, but your tastes may change down the road or you may wish to simply have something new. A base neutral color will make change easier down the road.

It is quite easy to assemble a board with the color palette of paint and fabric samples that interest you. This lets you get an actual look at how the different colors compliment and work together; or not, as the case may be. Taking some pictures out of design magazines of furnishings you’d like to use and laying them with the samples can be a great way to get a mental image of the space. This can also be an excellent way to jog new ideas from your mind with the visual representation before you. We are able to offer several samples of products with just a request for you to build your design board and find what works for you.

One can save a decent amount of money on their design budget by shopping for discount drapery fabrics and discount upholstery fabrics online. Online showrooms such as Duralee, Kasmir, Kravet, Robert Allen, Romo, and Highland Court offer a tremendous selection of patterns. Duralee fabrics have expanded and adapted for well over fifty years. It is easy to find a variety with such showrooms at your disposal.

You will want to look for a few different fabric choices for the project. They should have different textures and designs to create a unique experience that belongs to the space.

Upholstery fabrics come in a wide variety of selections and colors. Using discount upholstery fabrics will allow you to put more money into your furnishings. Designer’s Guild offers a great selection in polyester, woven upholstery fabric, chenille, or velvet and contract upholstery.

Drapery fabric offers a few different choices in fine cloth as well. Linen, cotton, Thai silk, or silk dupioni all offer a variety of solutions for decorating a space. If you are looking to capture a dramatic look for the space, silk and linen fabrics can offer bright colors. Lined velvet and chenille can help darken a room if it is needed for the space.

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